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What is PyBitTrack?

PyBitTrack is a non-commercial project designed to support the decentralized BitTorrent network.

How to use PyBitTrack?

The tracker is accessible via HTTPS on port 443. The Announce address is the following:

Abuse, complaints

Important notes!

PyBitTrack does not host content (files) or torrent files. If you have issues with the torrent files announced via this tracker, please contact the following:

PyBitTrack does not have any files that can be deleted. Please contact the aforementioned parties.

Neither the tracker software nor the web server logs any user data. Therefore, PyBitTrack cannot provide any user information.

Are you a law enforcement agency, rights holder, or legal representation?

PyBitTrack can block torrents whose distribution or content is criminally relevant. However, blocking is often ineffective since torrents typically have multiple tracker URLs. Please contact the index page or seeder of the torrent as already described.

If you still wish to request a block, please send an affidavit proving you are the rights holder or legal representation, along with the affected hash.

For quick processing, please send your inquiries electronically via email. The email should include:

Ensure quick processing by following these steps. For secure communication, send your email encrypted with PGP. The public key can be found at

Note: All block requests will be communicated on the Transparency page along with the list of affected hashes.

Privacy and Data Storage

PyBitTrack does not store any personal data of its users. The web server (nginx) and the tracker software (PyBitTrack) do not create log files.

Source Code

License: AGPL 3.0 and later

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